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Our Story

Ingredient Technology

Synergistic System

Every Nóttnuit formula is a harmony of synergistic combinations of potent bioactives with different yet complementary bioactivity. The synergistic effects of these unions bring about even better results so that Nóttnuit can deliver on our promise – Multi-corrective skincare products of uncompromising quality and efficacy.

Our Story

When skincare experts Ida-Maia and Theresia met, they shared the same vision regarding skin health - clean, vegan skincare with multi-corrective benefits. Though Ida-Maia had been working with skincare for more than a decade, she still had a bad skin condition, so whatever she was doing clearly wasn’t working. When Theresia, whom she met at the same beauty company, invited her to create formulations in her lab based on her skin needs, Ida-Maia grabbed the opportunity - and loved the results. This moment inspired them to continue working together, launching their future collaboration.

As a former Nutritional Therapist, Ida-Maia, and Homeopath, Theresia, they shared the same holistic viewpoint of the body and soul. Their brand philosophy centers on skincare as a whole; that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. The vibrational energy found in our environment can have a profound effect on our daily lives, like the 528 Hz frequency, which is said to have DNA-repairing properties. Ida-Maia and Theresia decided to incorporate this energy into their skincare rituals.

By combining Theresia’s award-winning background in natural skincare innovation and Ida-Maia’s branding and marketing expertise, they created a simplified, yet highly effective skincare ritual that delivers maximum results to rejuvenate the skin

And Nóttnuit was born.


What does clean mean to us?

— Skin-compatible formulas with clinically tested bioactives
— All natural and vegan ingredients
— Organic ingredients whenever possible
— Always free from synthetic ingredients
— Free from GMOs
— Uncompromising quality and efficacy

Unique Works of Art

Sculpted Vials

Our glass packaging’s purpose is more than protecting the formulas. Nóttnuit formulas rest in vials of violet glass. No two vials are the same. Each is re-envisioned, sculpted and transformed into unique works of art by glass artisans in Hälsingland, Sweden. Beyond its beauty, the biophotonic glass packaging protects and strengthens the organic elements by blocking out harmful light rays, whilst inviting infrared- and UVA violet light to energise the formula.

Unique Works of Art

Sculpted Vials

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Clean Skincare with no compromises

All Nóttnuit skincare products are researched, tested and developed in our laboratory with 100% clean and vegan ingredients carefully sourced from around the globe. Our ingredients are natural and of the highest quality. Whenever possible, we use organic materials. However, not all natural ingredients can be certified organics, i.e., clays, minerals, wildcrafted- and fermented plants.

Our ingredients are sourced from nature, and we don’t use synthetics and harsh preservatives. The products are free from GMOs, fillers, artificial colours and fragrances, synthetic chemicals and ethoxylated ingredients. To name a few offenders, we avoid parabens, phthalates, PEGs, silicones, and glycols.

Nóttnuit’s expertise is to develop pure and effective multi-corrective skincare. For us, clean skincare involves no compromises in terms of choice of ingredients, quality, and efficacy.

All our formulas are vegan and not tested on animals.

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