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We empower the products by different steps in the post-production phase. The formulas rest in vials of violet glass. No two vials are alike. Each have been re-envisioned and transformed into unique artisanal pieces by glass artists in Hälsingland, Sweden

Beyond its beauty, the biophotonic glass packaging protects and strengthens the organic elements by blocking out harmful light rays, whilst inviting infrared- and UVA violet light to energise the formula (to prolong potency).

Once created, each product is stored in an electromagnetic free room and exposed tobeneficial frequencies. The BioGeometry centering frequency uses the energy principles of geometrical shapes to balance biological energy systems. We also expose the products to the sound frequency of 528 Hz, said to possess DNA repairing properties.

Combining advanced skin care with beneficial frequencies is unique and defines our mission; to create skincare according to holism, stating that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Formulation, Vibration, Creation.


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